Soul + R&B

After touring as the backing musicians for rising hip-hop artist Healy, up and coming R&B and soul singer-songwriters The PRVLG have released their very own debut single “What You’re Missing” – a rhythmic and soulful masterpiece.

The duo, consisting of twin brothers Christian and Christopher Underwood, began playing music together at a young age and have hence developed a musical connection that can be heard not only through this single release but also in their live performances. As bass and drum players, the pair have the ability to lock in a powerful rhythm and bass foundation to their music, effortlessly making up for each other’s short comings and complimenting one another’s strengths.

Growing up in a musical family and listening to their father – a guitarist – play classics by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, The Isley Brothers, and Earth Wind & Fire, it was only natural for them to begin writing together at the age of 16 and continue to develop their writing talent from then. Since officially forming in early 2017, the duo named themselves The PRVLG, chosen due to the privilege they feel having the opportunity to grow up playing music together and to connect with others through the universal language.

Their debut release “What You’re Missing” (September 2017) presents mature and polished raw talent that has been continuously developed and improved throughout their musical career together. Inspired by the likes of Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake and Al Green, the track is a feel-good single with a catchy groove that is impossible to sit still to. Lyrically, the duo took their inspiration during a night out after seeing a group of beautiful women, but surprisingly the chorus was written at a vacation bible school allowing the song to take on multiple meanings and become interpreted in various ways by the listener.

The release of What You’re Missing will surely mark the indie soul duo as a new force in the industry.