Marcella & Her Lovers

Marcella & Her Lovers

swamp soul

Whether arcing the curve of the highest golden high, or lighting the depth of the lowest blue low, the music of Lafayette Louisiana native Marcella Simien and her Lovers can take you there.

Like savoring the flavors in a dish made by a master chef, one detects in Simien’s music subtle yet devastating touches of the Memphis and Muscle Shoals sounds infused with the fingerprint of her Louisiana Creole ancestors. She shared the stage with her father Terrance Simien, a two time Grammy award winner, from her infancy until she moved to Memphis in 2009 to attend Memphis College of Art.

Soon thereafter, she dive-bombed onto the Memphis scene, playing solo at house parties and during band changeovers at punk shows. Her commanding performances of Creole-stomp originals as well as one of a kind interpretations of pieces by Nina Simone, the Velvet Underground and the Buzzcocks led to regular gigs at Mollie Fontaine Lounge and Bar DKDC. In the winter of 2013, she formed the Lovers with Rory Mills Sullivan on drums, David Cousar on guitar and Dirk Kitterlin on bass.

Marcella was featured on her father’s Dockside Sessions album, which took home the Grammy for Best Regional Roots album of the Year in January 2014. In November 2014, Marcella and her Lovers released their debut EP entitled The Bronze Age. Praise for the EP from both the local and national press rang out, with the Memphis Flyer calling Marcella and her Lovers the “best live band in town”.

Whether on record or live, the Lovers blow up a gale of grit and sweat, while Marcella’s voice, an instrument fierce and galloping with dignified pleading, floats above the music’s cradled melee like a night star, fondly reminding us of a mysterious past while at once exciting us with the romance of the uncertain future.

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