Induction Ceremony

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The Memphis Music Hall of Fame aims to pay tribute to those Memphis icons whose enduring contributions to music are still inspiring and influencing people worldwide. Each year, the MMHOF Nominating Committee selects from among those many artists and visionaries whose impact on music and pop culture merits recognition. No city compares to Memphis regarding our wealth of musical talent, a fact proven by the hundreds of legendary groups and individuals whose music placed Memphis on the world map and changed the cultural complexion of the planet forever.

Each year, new, world-changing inductees are honored at the annual Memphis Music Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, and presented with the Mike Curb Award, or “The Mic,” the official trophy of the Memphis Music Hall of Fame, made possible by the Mike Curb Foundation (above being presented to Sam Moore by former Tennessee governer Bill Haslam, presented by Keith Richards, and received by Justin Timberlake) . Handcrafted by Lugar Foundry in Memphis, this 8 pound trophy is now in the homes and studios of over 80 honored inductees, including being displayed at Elvis Presley’s Graceland in Memphis.